Puppies for Sale

As we can not keep all the puppies in the litter or find show homes for all puppies our families often have show quality puppies that look great and have the personality to match.

Spaces on our 2024 waiting List available

We are planning a litter in May we are expecting Black, black and silver and pepper and salt puppies.




Make sure both parents have current eye certificates (from a registered Ophthalmologist) we are appalled at how few are eye testing their dogs that they breed from. Don’t ask if they DNA test but what they DNA test for some of the tests are not even relevant to miniature schnauzers. We have included an explanation of all the tests we do on our health page. Fully DNA tested does not mean they are tested for these conditions that affect miniature schnauzers, you need to ask what tests have been done and see the results

Our puppies come with life time guarantees against PRA-B1, MAC, Myotonia Congenita, Factor V11 Deficiency, Charcot Marie Tooth, Mullerian Duct and Comma Defect. PARENTS HAVE CURRENT EYE CERTIFICATES NOT EVERYTHING CAN BE PICKED UP IN DNA TESTS.

We will replace or refund up to the purchase price of any puppy we bred who has an inherited condition we could of prevented at the time of breeding.