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Schnauzinn Hits Da High Notes for Howleluyah (Exported to Australia)


Black and Silver

(Repitition’s Mercury Marauder/ Schnauzinn Last Serenade)

Australian Champion

Best Minor puppy in Showx3

Best Minor in Group x7

Best of Breed Winner against adult champions

Owned and loved by Shannon Dooley (WA)

Schnauzinn Breathtaking (Sailer’s Soccer Players-Neymar/Schnauzinn Breeze Chaser) Waiting on Dogsnz approval.

Reserve Best in Show winner, Best puppy in show win, Best of Breed NZ National dog show 2023, In Group win and reserve best of group win and puppy in group wins.

NZ Ch Schnauzinn Breathtaking

Schnauzinn’s Smart Choice (Repitition’s Mercury Marauder/Dog-otho’s Gilly)

Best of Breed wins, Reserve Best of Breed NZ national dog show 2023, Puppy in Group wins. Best North Island dog on dogzonline 2023.


Schnauzinn Lil Spanish Love (Repitition’s Southern Destination/Dog-otho’s Gilly)

Best of Breed winner, many reserve best of breed wins.

Schnauzinn’s Agent of Mercy (Export Australia) (Dog-otho’s Anything’s Possible/Rily Spy Chaser at Schnauzinn)

Best Junior in Show and Best puppy in Show wins, In Group wins and best of breed wins, Qualified for puppy of the year show but was unable to attend.

Owned and Loved by Shannon Dooley WA

Schnauzinn Lil Spanish Magic (Repititions Southern Destination/Dog-otho’s Gilly)

Winner of Best of Breed NZ National Dog show 2022, Puppy and baby puppy in Group wins, Graded Very Promising in a FCI show, Best of Breed every time he was shown. Best miniature schnauzer in NZ on dogzonline 2022 Best Rising star miniature schnauzer of dogzonline 2022. His show career sadly cut short by extreme carsickness.

Sweet Dreams at Schnauzinn (Sailer’s Soccer Players/Schnauzinn Sweet As)

Best Junior in Show Best in Group wins, many best of breed wins. Top South Island dog on dogzonline 2023 Best miniature schnauzer in NZ on dogzonline 2023

Owned and Loved by Jane Bailey

Schnauzinn Charms the Hearts (Sailer’s Soccer Players/Schnauzinn Storm Dancer

In Group wins and many Best of Bred wins.

Best South Island dog on dogzonline 2022

Owned and Loved By Jane Bailey