Schnauzinn Breathtaking

Call Name Monroe


Reserve Best in Show Best puppy in Show AEC 29/04/2023

Reserve Best of Breed at 5 months

Best Baby puppy

DNA Clear by Parentage


Type B1 PRA

Myotonia Congenita

Mullerian Duct Syndrome

Comma Defect


Pedigree of “Schnauzinn Breathtaking “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE: INT, ARG, CHILE,BRAZ, ARG JR CH: Sailer’ Soccer Players-Neymar PANAM, BRAZ CH: Sailer’s Children of Light-Zion AM,CAN,INT, PANAM, BRAZ GR CH:Minuteman Dead or Alive
BRAZ, BRAZ JR CH: Sailer’s E#ye To Eye Beta
BRAZ CH: Sailer’s Untraceable-Trina PANAM, BRAZ GR CH: Sailer’s Twilight Robert
INT, URG, PANAM GR, BRAZ, BRAZ JR CH:  Sailer’s Os Lady Vanishes
DAM: Schnauzinn Breeze Chaser BRAZ JR: Dog-otho’s Anything’s Possible ARG GR, INT, LAM, CHIL CH: Humphrey Bogart De Maluken
BRAZ, ARG JR CH: Royal Merci De Trufas Negras
Schnauzinn Storm Chaser Oasis Storm Raider
Schnauzinn Contessa Kera