Rily Spy Chaser at Schnauzinn

Call Name: Riley

Pepper and Salt

Height: 32.5cm


DNA Profile

DNA clear by parentage




Myotonia Congenita

DNA Clear Factor V11 Deficiency

DNA Clear Charcot Marie Tooth

DNA Clear Persistent Mullerian Duct Syndrome

DNA Clear Degenerative Myelopathy

DNA Clear PRA-B1

DNA Clear Comma Defect

Current Clear Eye Certificate (exp 19/02/2022)

Current Clear Heart Certificate (Exp 12/06/21)

Current Clear Patella Certificate (Exp 12/06/21)


Pedigree of “Rily Spy Chaser at Schnauzinn”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE Dog-otho’s Silver Guy (Imp Arg) Chile CH Dog-otho’s Zip International,Latinamerician, Arg GR, Arg, Urug, Brazilian,Brazilian JR, Brazilian Int, CH   Dog-otho’s New Wave
Brazilian CH Olivia Silver Bikin Dvor
Chile CH Dog-otho’s Eleanor Rigby Brazilian. Brazilian JR CH Scedir Ykens Frans
Brazilian JR CH Dog-otho’s Don’t Stopping Me
DAM Schnauzinn’s Storm Chaser Oasis Storm Raider CH Oasis Totally Magic
NZ CH Megaztar Miss Diva (Imp Aust)
Schnauzinn Contessa Kera Firdrak Final Jeopardy (Imp Aust)
 Sasha of Rhondavue