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NZ CH: Schnauzinn Lil Spanish Magic

Call Name Zeke


Best in Breed winner every time he has been shown.

Best of Breed at the Nationals 2022

NO 1 Show Dog 2022 with Dogzonline

NO 1 Rising Star 2022 with Dogzonline

DNA Clear by Parentage

Type B PRA


Myotonia Congenita

Charcot Marie Tooth

Mullerian Duct Syndrome

Comma Defect


Pedigree of “NZ CH Schnauzinn Lil Spanish Magic”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Arg Gr Ch:Repitition’s Southern Destination¬†

AM CH: Repitition’s High Voltage AM CH: Repitition’s Its a Rap
AM CH: Repitition’s Knock Me a Kiss
Repitition’s Vesuvius AM CH: Repitition’s Its a Rap
Repitition’s Candelabra
DAM Arg Ch: Dog-otho’s Gilly¬† ARG GR, Brazil, Int, Arg Jr CH: Gloris Kalimbadeluna Dan, Nor, Rus, Swe CH: Djakartas World Wide
Rus, Rus Jr CH: Gloris Umka
Brazil CH: Malu The Bescan Arg Jr CH: Dog-othos I Need You
Dog-othos Annie Inch