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  1. We love our Mini Schnauzer, Capone! We could not more highly recommend Dayle and her pups.

  2. We have had Marley for about 6 weeks now and we absolutely LOVE her. She was the runt of the litter and therefore a little bit older when we received her so that she had more time with her mum and met her milestones – this showed just how much Dayle and Ian care about their puppies wellbeing. Marley arrived and adopted us on the first night and she had clearly been used to being handled, loved and training had clearly begun – which from our perspective was fabulous!! She has the nicest nature and the communication we had from Dayle and Ian was outstanding in the lead up for Marley’s transportation to us in the lower South Island. I cannot speak more highly of Dayle and Ian as breeders and their professionalism and most importantly the care they clearly have of their dogs and puppies. If you are looking for a breeder you could not find better people than Schnauzinn Kennels.

  3. We highly recommend you as breeders as there is no doubt you love and care for your dogs/puppies. It’s been great having a dog that is used to grooming and also with a secure nature. I believe his beautiful loving caring nature is due to your loving care in his early days, and I am so glad we got him from you. Jesse is absolutely gorgeous, he is so affectionate, kisses and cuddles as much as he can. He loves his walks, and doesn’t miss anything going on in the house, always ready to be playful and mischievous. It is great to have the rehoming policy though I doubt we would ever want to part with him and because he is much loved extended family would have him. Thank you too for all the helpful advice as we prepared to receive him into our home. I cannot thank you enough for my boy Jesse.

  4. You could not ask for more professional, supportive and knowledgeable breeders than Dayle and Ian at Schnauzinn Kennels. Their attention and care in raising healthy, gentle and sweet natured dogs is a testament to their hard work and dedication. Your puppy news is sent through weekly from when they are born, so you see every step of the way – videos, photos and a progress overview. Then, not only do you get a delightful little bundle, but you have an added “Puppy Pack” that has everything from genetic test results and how to look after and groom your new addition, to food, a brush, a toy – the list just keeps going! Add to all of this their ongoing support and availability. It is with great pleasure I recommend them. Be assured you are getting the best from the best.

  5. We have had our mini schnauzer Billy for almost one year now. He is a sweet and loving little guy and has a gentle nature and gets along with dogs and people. He has been a wonderful family member. We really appreciate the hard work that Dayle and Ian have put into raising their schnauzers and the time and effort they put in to make sure that they provide the very best service before and after we got Billy. If you are looking for a mini schnauzer, we highly recommend Schnauzinn!

  6. Koda is coming up 9 months and he is an absolute STAR. He came to us (mostly) toilet trained, crate trained and was well on the way to knowing his name. This in itself is testimony to the hard work that Schnauzinn Kennels do with the puppies and what they do for the future owners. I loved being involved in the whole process, right from when they were born until they came home to us – with the weekly photos, videos and updates. I highly recommend Schnauzinn Kennels – thank you for all the help that you provided as we prepared for puppy to come home and the ongoing support that I know would be provided if we ever needed it.

  7. Roscoe is now 9 months old. He became part of our family in June 2020.
    He is widely admired by all who meet him and so much fun. He is a confident, smart, playful dog, extremely well socialised and excellent around both people and other dogs.
    We are sure that by in large his good nature is largely attributable to Dayle and Ian’s careful breeding program and the way he was cared for and socialised, at Schnauzinn Kennels, before he came to us at 9 weeks of age.
    From the moment we went on the waiting list for a Schnauzinn pup John and I felt well informed and supported. Dayle and Ian communicated consistently with us after Roscoe’s birth, with many photos of his litter, and willingly answered all our questions about managing a new puppy. The whole experience of getting Roscoe was smooth and most enjoyable.
    We unreservedly recommend Dayle and Ian of Schnauzinn Kennels as responsible, experienced and caring breeders.

  8. we were lucky enough to contact Dayle by chance after loosing our 14 year old boy, Astro. After a couple of visits and many conversations with Dayle, we were very very lucky to have the opportunity to rehome 4 year olds Misha and Allie after they retired from the breeding program. Both of the girls are so well healed and intelligent that they settled quickly into our busy but adventurous lives…….. we would never be without them a we stay in constant contact with Dayle and Ian with a view to another rehoming in the future.

    If you can’t do the puppy thing like us, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending rehoming a Schauzinn, mature, dog or dame.

    Scott and Melissa Colquhoun ♥

  9. I just collected beautiful baby Fritz today from Dayle and Ian and can’t speak highly enough of how wonderfully prepared the puppies are for us. He is toilet trained, sits, comes to his name and is a very sweet natured fellow. That shows how well reared he has been and I could see how fond they were of him when saying goodbye.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Schnauzinn Kennels.

  10. We are absolutely smitten with Phoebe……she was so worth the wait!!!!. She has the most amazing temperament and was so easy to settle in. You did the most amazing job with her in those early weeks to set her up for success. Thank you for all the tips and advice you provided too. You were so easy and approachable to deal with. One very happy customer here. Something tells me I might need another one soon haha.

  11. Im lucky enough to have three beautiful Schnauzinn pups now and Darcy Asha and Delta have all come into our family the same all happy healthy and have exceptional natures with each we had the girls fit into our family without a hitch and Dayle and Ian provided detailed information to help our pups settle in and they have given us alot of joy as pets and all three now successful show dogs, would recommend Schnauzinn without hesitation!!!

  12. Reily, a retired breeding girl from Schnauzinn has only been in my home with my 2 elderly girls for a short while but has settled in so quickly. She’s intelligent, sparky, well behaved and very respectful towards my old girls. I’m thankful Dayle and Ian trusted me to rehome such a lovely natured girl into my family.

  13. Nixie will be 2yrs old in May, she came to me toilet trained…just 2 wee accidents inside during her settling in period…& quickly learned to use the cat door for toileting & bird watching!She also had lovely table manners, sitting & waiting until the ‘yes’ before she ate. She still has nice manners
    As soon as puppies were born Dayle & Ian were in constant communication with updates of pups progress via photos & videos.They also share awesome videos on grooming & training.
    Visiting the kennels is welcomed, I met Nixie & her siblings at just a few weeks old as well as some of Dayle & Ian’s other well loved dogs; Max, one of their older boys & Spy a beautiful black girl among them.
    Team Olding strive to place their dogs into just the right home.Puppies spend time in their home so are used to the sights & sounds of daily living, vacuums, dishwashers & other dogs.
    I cannot speak highly enough ought of Dayle & Ian, they obviously love their dogs & strive to place happy, healthy pups into just the right home. Schnauzinn pups are the best!

  14. Delighted to have Dale and Schnauzinn Kennels in my life, very proud owner of a boy and girl, wonderful temperaments, slept easy from first night. Great social addition to our family. Dale provides wonderful support. 🐾🐾

  15. We are the very proud owners of Rubie a 3 and a half yr old Schnauzinn girl.Dayle and Ian went to so much trouble to ensure the exchange went smoothly.About Rubie a girl with abundant personality,so easy to train,loves learning new tricks etc lt was the work that Dayle and Ian put into building the strong foundation for us to build onEver grateful to you both Irene and John Austen

  16. I have the privilege of owning two of Dayle and Ian’s schnauzers. Otto from a small puppy and Dani after being retired from the breeding programme. Both have beautiful natures which I believe have been nurtured from birth.
    The foundation is set early for a dog that is comfortable to be groomed and handled , basic commands recognised with toilet training well on the way.
    We were impressed with Dayle’s commitment to genetics and testing for health issues that impact on the health and well-being of the breed. Their dogs are a credit to the breed.
    Schnauzen Kennels invest in the breeding of healthy happy miniature schnauzers and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a Schnauzen puppy into your lives

  17. We have two Schnauzinn girls. one 4 years old and onec15 months. We appreciate Dayle and Ian’s dedication to their dogs and pups. Especially like the genetic testing programme and that their breeding dogs are imported. We highly recommend Schnauzinn Kennels and would only buy a pup from here.

  18. Dayle & Ian, we can never thank you enough for the assigning “Wilson” to us, (nephew of “Capone”) progeny of Neymar & Riley. He has his own personality and is incredibly social with other dogs, though tends to be cautious in establishing acquaintances. He is respectful and we can only put this down to the wonderful breeding environment that he started life in. Long may you keep breeding such exceptional pets.

  19. As first time dog owners, we did plenty of research before committing to Schnauzinn Kennels. They were fantastic to deal with throughout the whole process. We now have an awesome black mini, Moose! Great source of practical and useful advise whenever we have needed it.

  20. Thank you Dayle and Ian fir allowing me to adopted Reily last year. She has filled a the big hole in my home after losing my 2 elderly girls last year.
    She’s sassy and sweet with a big heart. She has grown more confident and social with both people and other dogs as time as passed,and is now a wonderful companion and I couldn’t imagine my home without her. I’m looking forward to rehoming another of your retired girls later this year as a buddy for her. Thank you.

  21. I could not be more happy with my Fritzy from Schnauzinn. He is a delightful personality and the early training Dayle and Ian do with the puppies is more than I expected. we are getting a baby girl soon from them and there’s no other breeder I’d go to.

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