How many litters do you do with your girls and what is the recommended amount by the NZVA?

We do not do any more than 3 litters in a girl’s lifetime often it is less than that if we are able to breed a girl as nice as mum or preferably better than mum. We do no more than 1 caesarean in a girl’s lifetime. The NZVA’s recommendation is 3 litters maximum and no more than 1 or 2 caesarean sections. Ethical breeders adhere to recommendations from the Veterinarian council.

Is There a Bare Minimum of Tests I Should Ask a Breeder Have Done on their Breeding Dogs?

Of course we think that all the tests are important but the ones we personally know are in NZ are Type B1 PRA, Factor V11 Deficiency, Myotonia Congenita and Charcot Marie Syndrome (Megaesphogus) all of these can be DNA tested for and the parents need to have a current (Yearly) clear eye certificate from a registered Veterinarian Optometrist. do ask to see these results. A Breeder should never be offended about been asked for proof their dogs are clear. Do check to make sure that the tests are carried out by an independently audited company we have no independently audited companies on this side of the world so here at Schnauzinn we choose to send our DNA testing to the UK to an independently audited company

How Can I Get a Healthy Puppy?

Your best chance of a healthy puppy is healthy DNA tested parents. Ask to see the parents DNA testing and their annual eye and heart certificates. All our parents have been tested forĀ  PRA-B1, MAC, Myotonia Congenita, Charcot Marie Tooth, Mullerian Duct Syndrome, Comma Defect and Factor V11 Deficiency. All parents have eye certificates from a registered Veterinarian Optometrist (your local vet can’t do this just as a doctor can not see what is happening in your eyes) and a annual heart and patella certificate. Insist that your breeder DNA and eye tests their dogs. If they say they have healthy dogs ask for and insist on a written guarantee that your puppy won’t be affected for one of these conditions.

Do your puppies come with any guarantees?

Yes, we guarantee our puppies not to be affected for their lifetime by PRA-A, PRA-B, MAC, Myotonia Congenita, Mullerian Duct Syndrome, Comma Defect, Charcot Marie Tooth and Factor V11 Deficiency. We will replace any puppy or refund up to the purchase price of any puppy found to have an inherited condition that we could of prevented at the time on mating. We are always available for ongoing advice or support.

Why is an eye test from an optometrist not enough?

If you have a dog who is a carrier for PRA they can easily pass an eye test they will never be affected for PRA but they can pass that gene to their puppies if the dad is a carrier the same thing can happen so two dogs who have passed eye tests can pass on the genes for blindness and you have puppies that go blind but the parents both have clear eye certificates.

Why do you DNA test your dogs I am just looking for a pet not a show dog?

It is just as important for your pet to be healthy as it is for a show dog, after all it will not just be a pet it will be a family member.

What do you DNA test for?

We DNA test for PRA-B1, MAC, Myotonia Congenita, Factor V11 Deficiency, Charcot Marie Tooth, Mullerian Duct Syndrome and Comma Defect.