Our Boys

We currently have two adult boys both are black and silver

All our boys

have great personalities and have been chosen for new unrelated bloodlines.

We have our NZ boy Storm, who has given us some lovely puppies but he is

looking at taking things a bit easier now he is middle aged, he lives in the house with us


 We have Gibbs  from Argentina.

He comes from a long line of champion dogs

he is small and stocky with a very showy appearance.

Jake has now retired to live a life of luxury with Jeffrey look out for him walking in the parks in Auckland

We have two pepper and salt boys we will add to our breeding programme, there is a boy we have bred by our Australian boy who is now retired. The other boy is still in Argentina we are not expecting him until well into the new year. Both boys will have an individual page as we are able to get photos and test results.


Click on the photos to see our boys individual profile pages

Our Boys

You can visit their individual pages for test results and pedigrees