Our Boys

We have a new black stud dog who will arrive in December we are very excited about this dog he will be one of the best titled miniature schnauzers in New Zealand.

We currently have two adult boys both are black and silver

All our boys

have great personalities and have been chosen for new unrelated bloodlines.

Height for a male miniature schnauzer is between 33.1cm and 38.1 cm ( an inch either side of the ideal is what is measured for overseas) the ideal is 35.6cm

We have our NZ boy Storm, he will be retiring once our two new boys arrive from Argentina.

. We have Gibbs  from Argentina.

He comes from a long line of champion dogs

he is small and stocky with a very showy appearance.

We have a pepper and salt boy Dog-otho’s Anything’s Possible he is an Brazilian Junior Champion he will be with us in December.



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Our Boys

You can visit their individual pages for test results and pedigrees