Our Boys

All our boys

have great personalities and have been chosen for new unrelated bloodlines.

Height for a male miniature schnauzer is between 33.1cm and 38.1 cm ( an inch either side of the ideal is what is measured for overseas) the ideal is 35.6cm


You will find on here both past boys where we still have frozen semen, our current boys, our new boy expected in 2024 and our home bred champions. Current dogs are Sailer’s Soccer Players-Neymar (Black) Repitition’s Mercury Marauder (Black) Schnauzinn Spanish Magic (Black and Silver) Schnauzinn’s Smart Choice (Pepper and Salt) and our boy coming April/May Steadlyn Xceptional (Pepper and Salt) All the boys meet the breed standard and are excellent examples of the breed standard. Each has an individual page please click on their page to see details of them.

Our Boys

You can visit their individual pages for test results and pedigrees