At Schnauzinn Kennels we believe our dogs should be treated with the best care, best

food, best attention and of course the best accommodation that we can provide.

Unfortunately we have too many dogs to all live in the house, so once our puppies

reach 4-5 months of age they graduate to the puppy cottage the name of the cottage

is Lil Monsters. Here they live with other puppies their age with many toys and

interesting structures to make their lives enjoyable, of course we too spend much time

out there with them. They have a large enclosure and choose to  be inside on out using their dog door to come and go.

These cottages have been custom built they are cool in the summer and warm in the

winter, they are fully insulated and have pictures and vinyl on the floor, everything is

washable. They have lots of different cushions to sleep on and toys to play with.

Happy puppies both inside and out .